Garden Reflexxx
Jen: +61 452 236 419
André: +61 435 611 298

Garden Reflexxx create, facilitate, talk about and make space for resourceful cinema and independent, queer filmmakers. Since meeting at AFTRS in 2015 we have made films together, hosted screenings, and presented a radio segment about movie culture, published criticism and interviews and commissioned new work. Our films have been screened Internationally at pornfilmfestival Berlin, Shanghai Queer Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, The Lincoln Centre, Montreal World Film Festival, Dead End Film Festival and our work has been published by Sissy Screens, Junkee, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Melbourne International Film Festival and our commentary broadcast on ABC and FBi Radio. We have shown video work at Pari Gallery, Seventh Gallery, Tekminimal and created a large scale installation for Vivid Sydney. Currently we are finishing a mid-length feature video ‘Grape Steak: A Gay Bashing Told In Three Cameras’.


Garden Reflexxx Presents... 
[2019 - ongoing]
A local film event where international headliners are curated with emerging filmmakers celebrating resourceful cinema at Pink Flamingo Cinema. 
[2018 - ongoing]
FBi 94.5, weekly radio segment and podcast featuring local and international guests.

Video Work:

Dressing Party 
[HD video and DV] 01:00:00, Live Stream
Filmed elements of Verity Mackey’s ‘Dressing Party’ curated by Angela Goh’s ‘Time Dresses up as a Ghost and Arrives to the Party Dripping’ for the Asia Discovers Asia Meeting for Contemporary Performance at the Taipei Performing Arts Centre.

Megan Alice Clune - 
Swirl of the Void & So Bored
[HD] music videos
Collaboration with Megan Alice Clune, Angela Goh & Evelyn Roth


Video Work:

[HD] 01:02:33, mono, archival film project
Collaboration with Bhenji Ra, House of Sle, The Gender Centre and Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras
Exhibited online through Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the Transgender Day of Rememberence
[HD] 00:08:18, mono, fashion artfilm
Collaboration with Niamh Galea and Lizzie Kidd for Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp
Exhibited at Terminal Six

[HD] 00:05:15, looped, no audio, video work
Footage by Sione Tuívailala Monū, Chris Green, Annie Schofield, Jemma Rowe, Innas Tsuroiya, Emmett Aldred, Jimmy Nuttall
Commissioned and presented by Knox St Window

[HD] 00:02:24, stereo, video shown on laptop
Yousuf Khan Noor x Garden Reflexxx, exhibited at Garden Reflexxx Presents: Talkies Challenge, and as part of Mixed Business at Pari

[HD], video interview for FBi Radio
Published online through FBi’s Youtube
[HD] 00:24:22, stereo, video work
Assemblage documentary
Screened at Seventh Gallery in Naarm, Melbourne


[by Jen Atherton] (published: Sissy Screens)
[by André Shannon] (published: Sissy Screens)


Garden Reflexxx Presents...
M/M (2018) a film by Drew Lint
Australian Premiere for EXTREMELY ONLINE by Pink Flamingo Cinema, supported by the Inner West Council
Resourceful film festival at Pink Flamingo Cinema featuring Harley, Jimmy Nuttall, Emmett Aldred, Nunzio Madden, Pia Borg, Oates Wu, Feng Chen, Lily/Mia/Ma, Victoria Singh-Thompson + Xnorkpowka


A free online animation short course for creatives featuring tutorials, interviews, exercises, and resource lists 
Commissioned by the City of Sydney



AFTRS Alumni Film Club 
Hosted at AFTRS, a screening and QandA with
Erica Glynn, director of She Who Must Be Loved
Samuel Van Grinsven and Sophie Hattch, filmmakers of Sequin in a Blue Room

Garden Reflexxx Presents...
Exhibited at Flowers 123  Hosted by Dead End Film Festival featuring a performance by Diego Ramirez

The Talkies Challenge at Pink Flamingo Cinema Marrickville featuring Xnorkpowka, Jesse Kanda, Kenesha "Murdamommy" Sheridan and Wills Glasspiegel, Bentley Brown, Martin Bruch & Reinhilde Condin, Freya Aisbitt and Ellie Bailey, Mireille Eid, Yousuf Khan Noor, and André Shannon, Ray Farkas and Kymon Palau  

Last Minute Challenge at Pink Flamingo Cinema, Marrickville featuring Kilia Tipa & Jen, Francesca Levi and Mica Levi, Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, Lily Bennett, Nao Bustamente, Brontez Purnell, Jodie Mack and Morgan McGlothan

Film criticism, essays and interviews:

Published by Rough Cut Film
Published by Rough Cut Film

Video Work:

Cold Power
[HD] 00:03:59, stereo, video work 
Screened at Flowers 123, and Seventh Gallery

Kilia Don’t Stop 
[HD] 00:07:32, stereo, video work
Screened at UNSW Art Week 2020, Pink Flamingo Cinema 

[Music Video]  Collaboration with Al Joel, Ash Bell, Maggie Wu, Haruka Sato & Jennifer Poon Premiered on Earmilk

First Take
[HD] various durations, stereo, video essays for FBi 94.5
Sydney Film Festival 2019



Pornoagogo with Joe Pol
With a special screening of Vegas in Space and a performance by Miss 3D and The Sopranhoes at The Red Rattler 

Video Work:

[HD] 00:03:52, stereo, VR 360 work and installation 
Collaboration with Rowan Yeomans, Niamh Galea and Blake Wilson
Screened at the Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Chauvel Cinema
Commissioned by the Sherman Centre for Culture and Ideas and the Australian Film Television and Radio School

[HD] 00:07:46, stereo, video work
Collaboration with Rowan Yeomans, Blake Wilson, Anja Brown & William Tran

[HD] 00:11:25, stereo, interview video 
Collaboration with Loc Nguyen
Published in Runway Magazine
Collaboration with Chiara Garrett-Saladrau and Gloria Bose[HD] 00:05:21, stereo, video work Screened at Dead End Film Festival 2019
[Music Video]
Collaboration with Yolanda Frost, Ellie Bailey, Chris Green, Al Joel, Joe Pol, Bianca Tomchin, Elspeth Scrine and Serena Siow,
Premiered on Noisey
[André Shannon video essay]
Commissioned by the Melbourne International Film Festival
Published on


PLASTICBEACH Video work and installation with hessian sacks, beach rubbish, binaural microphones, flourescent lights, tape
Collaboration with Lily Bennett and Max Boutwell Draper
Multimedia install and performance for Vivid 2017

GREENLIGHT Group show at The Shop Gallery, Glebe 
Residency with Eleanor Bailey at Oxford Arts Factory Cube
Shadecloth, butchers paper, tape, sprite, ladder, blue gym mat, watering can, fake cum Multimedia install and performance with Eleanor Bailey at Tekminimal Art Space
Group show, instllation and performances at Creative Space 99 with Freya Aisbitt, Lily Bennett, Max Boutwell Draper and Ellie Bailey
Film Festival and install for the AFTRS Library 
Honey, marble maze, disco ball motor, aquarium.
Installation at Salt Suck’s Times Tides at The Red Rattler

Video Work:

[HD] 00:27:19, Samsung 360, stereo
Made in Los Angeles in collaboration with Eleanor Bailey
Screened at The Red Rattler as part of Salt Suck’s Times Tides and at Seventh Gallery

[HD] 00:36:48, Samsung 360, stereo
Collaboration with Stelly G and Freya Aisbitt made in nipaluna/Hobart, screened at 107 Projects and Seventh Gallery
[HD] 00:02:45, mono
Screened in at World Premiere Mykonos Biennale 2017,
Seventh Gallery and Knox St Bar
[HD] 00:01:59, mono
Made with permission from Jake Jaxson
Screened in at PLAYGROUND, Knox St Bar and Seventh Gallery
Jen Atherton video essay 
[360 HD] 00:04:18, cyanotype, mono Collaboration with Alison James featuring work by Anna Atkins Screened at GREENLIGHT
[HD] 00:06:52, mono
Collaboration with Eleanor Bailey
Screened at Tweekend
[HD] 00:02:23, iPhone SE, morph cuts on Premiere Pro
Screened at Tweekend
[HD] 00:47:59, iPhone SE, stereo
[HD] 00:04:29, stereo

Collaboration with Niamh Galea, Rex Woods and Manon Buchalet for Nehma Vitols
Screened at Golden Age Cinema


Video Work:

[HD] 00:18:52, stereo
Screened at Flowers123, Seventh Gallery and at The Red Rattler
[HD] 00:03:19, stereo
Collaboration with Clayton ‘Scruffy Clay’ McBride and Rex WoodsScreened at Dead End Film Festival 2018 and at Seventh Gallery 
[HD] 00:15:06, stereo
Screened at The Red Rattler, AFTRS and at Seventh Gallery
[HD] 00:22:00, stereo
Screened at pornfilmfestival Berlin, Diamond in the Rough Cut, The Red Rattler, National Film and Sound Archive at Art Not Apart festival and Shanghai Queer Film Festival


Video Work:

Vengeance [HD] 00:03:43, stereo
Screened in North America at the Lincoln Centre New York, Winner Best Experimental Film at Montreal World Film Festival 2016, Seventh Gallery
Night on Floating Island [HD] 00:12:24, stereo
Screened in North America at Slamdance Film Festival 2018, The Red Rattler, Seventh Gallery

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