dirs. Jen Atherton & André Shannon,
2018 – 2023
99 mins. Eora/Australia.
In English.

“GRAPE STEAK mines the always-tantalizing relationship between eros and death.
The end result is a sprawling mosaic as intoxicating as it is impressive.” 

- Spectacle Theater

Vibrant colour invites us into a bat forest as someone waits and strips for trade. A drummer is interviewed about a violent confrontation as he smashes his kit. A slim figure limps out of the darkness covered in blood to the sounds of New York's underground popstar Macy Rodman. A car bangs along an old dirt road and picks up stragglers, lost overnight who seem less affected than maybe they should be considering...

Grape Steak is a wishfully ambient portal, a love-poem of trauma and humiliation set in Sydney, a slow comedy for a come-down, made resourcefully and communally over five years.


An Actor Prepares
Angus McGrath
Review: Grape Steak (2023), Garden Reflexxx

Test Screening World Tour:

January 27 - Pink Flamingo Cinema, Eora/Sydney, Australia 
March 28 - Miscellania, Naarm/Melbourne, Australia

May 18 - Ancient World, Tarntanya/Adelaide, Australia

June 15 - Spectacle Theater, New York City, USA


Rattus Rat as Toad
Gloria Bose as Gloria
Freya Aisbitt as Gayle 
Enoch Mailangi as Hayley
André Shannon as Bart
Porsche as Herself
Rhys Pepic as Fadey Jadey
Buddy Joel as Lesley
Neil Addison Beedie as Skyler
Luke N T Ada as Baby Hayden
Henry Benn as Mordecai  
Lily Bennett as Elizabeth
NICOLA as Hot Dancer 1
Beau Kirq as Hot Dancer 2
Aaron Manhattan as Hot Dancer 3
Meti Fenwick-Nevin as Pinky
Robert McGrath as Gaspar Noe
Brian as themself
Samuel Bowman as The Filmmaker
Eric Hancock as The Drummer

Featuring music by

Macy Rodman
Eris Drew
Strict Face
Alaska Orchestra
California Girls


Max Boutwell Draper
Claire De Cateret
Daniel Hartley-Allen
Jen Atherton

Original Score

Megan Alice Clune

Sound Mix

Niko Plaskas

Additional Sound

Ry Edwards

Mardi Gras Location Sound

Kean Hoi

Meteor Animation
Tommy Green

Eta Aquarid Footage


Camera Drawings

Lily Bennett

Featured Artwork

Little Skin, 2019 
Neil Addison Beedie

Main Title Design

Alex Tanazefti

Images made with

Apple iPhone SE & (Product)Red
Recycled 35/16mm scratch film
Arri Amira
Macbook Air
Sony Handycam Vision
JVC Everio
Sony NX200

This film was shot, and edited on unceded Aboriginal land. We acknowledge the sovereignty of First Nations people, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.