Garden Reflexxx* is an intermedia group created by André Shannon and Jen Atherton with ambitions to create resourceful queer cinema.

André Shannon, Gloria Bose and Jen Atherton, co-creators of Grape Steak; a mid-length video project about two strangers who meet under a meteor shower and go looking for an organised gay bashing ring.

Since completing Caledonian Road in 2016 the group has created video works, gallery shows, discussions, film screenings,  performances, music videos, fashion films and published criticism. Their work has been shown internationally.

* ‘Reflexxx’ is a term coined by Signe Pierce and Allie Coates that describes a movement of obsessive, resourceful and collaborative artmaking.

Dreams Do Come True (2019)

Dreams Do Come True (v2) (2020)

First Take (2019-)

Supermoon (2020)

Vengeance (2015)

Faddy: I Just Give A Damn (2016)

Tweekend: TradieFilm (2017)

Angel (2016)

Faggot VR (NO!) (2017)

Holiday (2017)

Sling Ring (2020)

Grape Steak (2021)

Immortal Memories: Transgender Day of Remembrance (2020)

Kelp Me! (2021)

Dark Mother 2D (2017)

Plastic Beach (2017)

D.O.A: Queer and Weaponised (2018)

Caledonian Road (2016)

Drop Gear (2018)

Where Headhunters Wait (2017)

Pornoagogo (2018) photo by Lou Dietz-Henderson

Tweekend (2017)

Romance Apocalypse (2017)

State Festival (2020)

Beat (2020)

Bart’s Nightmare (2020)

Night on Floating Island (2015)

There’s a Difference Between Doing and Thinking (2020)

LandEscapes (2020)

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (2020)

Tweekend: Shadecloth (2017)

Cold Power (2018)

Kilia: Don’t Stop (2018)

Snakes in the Grass (2017)

Hailstorm (2018)

We acknowledge that our work is made on unceded Gadigal and Wangal Land of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, upcoming and emerging. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.