Garden Reflexxxx is an intermedia group created by André Shannon and Jen Atherton with ambitions to create resourceful, preternatural queer cinema.

Since completing Caledonian Road in 2016 the group has created video works, gallery shows, discussions, film screenings, performances, music videos, fashion films and published criticism. Their work has been shown locally and internationally.Click here for a complete list of work.

Garden Reflexxx presents: 4 (2021)
film festival,
click here to read about the films presented

Immortal Memories: Transgender Day of Remembrance (2020)
1:02:32, digital video

Caledonian Road (2016) 
22:00, digital video

Dreams Do Come True (v2) (2020) 
02:44, digital video
install on broken laptop

Blue Car (Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear) (2020) 
14:00, digital video
install in a room that progressively becomes saturated blue alongside the film

Grape Steak (coming 2021) 
56:00, digital video

Dreams Do Come True (2019)

First Take (2019-)
film art critique, digital video, varying lengths

Supermoon (2020)
06:34, digital video

Vengeance (2015)
03:44, digital video

Faddy: I Just Give A Damn (2016)
09:45, digital video

Tweekend: TradieFilm (2017)
06:52, digital video
install excercise balls for seats

angel (2016)
03:19, digital video
dead end film festival 2018

Hailstorm (2018)
07:56, digital video


Faggot VR (2017) 
04:18, 360 video or digital video
install in a cage

Holiday (2017)
02:45, digital video

Sling Ring (2020)
10:45, digital video

Kelp Me! (2021)
05:30, digital video
install inside Evelyn Roth’s inflatable kelp habitat and ocean maze

Dark Mother 2D (2017)
40:30, digital video

Plastic Beach (2017)
Vivid Sydney interactive video and binaural installation and performance

D.O.A: Queer and Weaponised (2018)
03:52, digital video or VR 360
install with the garments on genderless mannequins fitted with iPads for their makeup looks.

Drop Gear - Huntly (2018)

Where Headhunters Wait (2017)
14:56, digital video

Pornoagogo (2018) photo of Miss 3D by Lou Dietz-Henderson
video premiere, performance night and screening of Vegas in Space

Tweekend (2017)
video installation and performance happening

Romance Apocalypse (2017)
27:19, digital video
install: sand pit 

State Festival (2020) 
24:22, digital video

Bart’s Nightmare (2020)
11:00, digital video

install: sanitized found couches with the film projected on the roof

Night on Floating Island (2015)
13:14, digital video

LandEscapes (2020)

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues (2020)
07:30, digital video

Tweekend: Shadecloth (2017)
02:23, digital video,
install: an interactive room covered in shadecloth, butchers paper and cans of green spray paint.

Cold Power (2018)
04:20, digital video

Kilia: Don’t Stop (2018)
05:03, digital video

Snakes in the Grass (2017)
00:20:13, digital video

* ‘Reflexxx’ is a term coined by Signe Pierce and Allie Coates that describes a movement of obsessive, resourceful and collaborative artmaking.

We acknowledge that our work is predominantly made on unceded Gadigal and Wangal Land, Water and Sky of the Eora Nation. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, upcoming and emerging. Always was, always will be Aboriginal land.